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Life is like a sentence...

...there's a beging, middle and a end.

SidneyFireBlood シドニーファイアーブラッド
7 August 1983

Love me for me

I am who I am.
I am a lover, a fighter, a crier, and a friend.
I am afraid of being alone.
I love writing and drawing.
Japanese music is my life.
Yaoi/Slash drives me!
Gackt, X Japan and Miyavi are my love.
Tokusatsu is my pasion.

And as of January 2, 2013 I am married to paladin_artea , I love you!

My Links

Me on AO3
雅- miyavi -
藤田玲(DUSTZ Ray)
君嶋麻耶 Kimijima Asaya

My Favorite Places ♥ And my communities (or my friends)

IwaKimiji: Iwa-san Loves Kimiji!
Toku Picture Spam @ Live Journal
Toku Picture Spam @ Dreamwidth
Ikemen Yaoi no Sekai
Toku Love Love Pervy Club
Our Sexual Haven Rolepay
Shu Daisuki Ryon-kun! ShuOn <3
Matsumoto Hiroya's Fan Community 松本寛也 ファン コミュニティ
MagiYellow, Juliet Capulet, BeetBuster, Tsu-baka!